About The Property Registry

The Property Registry consists of two registries, the Land Titles Office and the Personal Property Registry.

We keep all records of land ownership and survey plans. In Manitoba we provide a registry where interests in land (such as a mortgage or caveat) may be recorded. Are you buying or selling a house? We register the documents that change ownership of the real estate property and guarantee the results.

Do you want to place a lien or file a notice against a specific property? Do you want to order a copy of information set out in a title? We can record your documents or forward you the copy of a document already registered.

By "personal property" we mean all movable goods and possessions, not land and buildings. The registry keeps records of all personal property registered as security for a loan, or collateral in Manitoba. Both consumers and money lenders can check for indebtedness or liens against personal property before buying it or accepting it as collateral. Creditors register their financial interest in personal property pledged as collateral. For example, a bank lending you money to buy a car registers a notice in the registry that it has a lien on the car. This lien ensures payment of the bank's loan. A person wanting to buy a used car in a private sale can check the registry to see if a lien is recorded against the serial number.